9 European education hardly needs advertising – this is one of those unique opportunities, the benefits of which are obvious to absolutely everyone. It is in Europe – the home of almost all basic science – that you can get the best knowledge, which is appreciated all over the world. And it is the European education that opens the doors to further building of a successful career in the native country and abroad.


One can distinguish a lot of good reasons to study in one of the EU countries. Judge for yourself:

  • excellent communication skills in foreign language;
  • improvement of your own cultural level through deep integration into the host European society;
  • development of social activity and cross-cultural communications;
  • gaining of a huge number of useful contacts throughout the world;
  • the opportunity to combine business with pleasure and see a lot of interesting sights that Europe is justly famous for.

Finally, training in European university is a sure way to get a residence permit in selected EU country. And therefore, after graduation you can seriously think about obtaining the citizenship.

However, even if you do not want to move to another country, “a sheepskin” that you studied abroad, for sure will not be unnecessary. Well, a lot of impressions and excellent knowledge of a foreign language shall be added automatically to the diploma or certificate as a nice bonus.


It’s no secret that getting an education in the EU is completely different to Russia. And the thing is not even the organization of the educational process – it is only the “tip of the iceberg”. Each EU country has its own legislation which needs to be reckoned with. To study in the EU, it is necessary to properly prepare the package of documents (the list and the structure of which are regulated by the legislation of the country), to know exactly to whom and in what time frame to provide them, to find a place to stay and take care of the “daily bread”. If you plan to study in the European University, then you should find out in advance, whether or not the laws of the country you have chosen allow the work of students outside the classroom, or whether it is strictly forbidden. It would be also nice to clarify your possible prospects in advance – whether you can find a job in this country after graduation from the University, get a degree or teach at the University. Of course, to learn and implement all of this almost seems like a daunting task.

We offer you assistance in the organization of your training in your chosen country of the EU. A long-term experience of our skilled lawyers will be on your side, they have a thorough knowledge of European legislation and virtuosic command of it, an extensive network of contacts in all EU countries and the highest professionalism.

Our company offers an extensive range of services to receive education in the European Union:

• higher education in European universities and getting MBA;

  • studies in secondary schools of the EU;
  • a great number of internships;
  • language courses for businessmen and camps for children.

Do not put off your successful future for later – right now, with our help you can give your career the desired acceleration. Whatever your aspirations and goals are – education in the EU will help you in achieving them. Especially if you will be assisted by such professionals as we are.

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