1To acquire the citizenship of another country together with all the privileges that it gives, without losing its own – in many cases it is quite possible. If the laws of both countries allow such a scenario and allow its subjects to have more than one citizenship, to obtain a second citizenship is a matter of technique. Provided, of course, that the help in obtaining citizenship will be given by qualified lawyers.




When applying to our company, you can count on the advice of the best lawyers in the field of international law. We employ only highly qualified professionals that will help you develop the right strategy, to prepare all the documents and, finally, to obtain citizenship in the country you’ve chosen.

We offer several ways to obtain a second citizenship:

  • Naturalization. In that case, the applicant needs to live in the country for some time (each country has its own exact duration), to know the local language and cultural traditions well.
  • Business emigration. To implement this option, you will need to open a business in the selected country.
  • Repatriation is an easy and quick way to obtain citizenship in your historical homeland. To enjoy all the benefits and privileges (and in most countries they are significant), which are conferred to the descendants of immigrants from the country, you need to prove your origin, and here the legal aid will come in handy.
  • Recovery of the lost citizenship – one more issue where our lawyers can help.
  • Family reunification is a suitable option for those who have a spouse or close relatives abroad.

To obtain a second citizenship by any of these methods will be much easier with the support of the experts from our company. Their experience and knowledge allow to be sure in the matters where others can only hope.

Individual approach, skill and privacy – this on what our cooperation with customers is based. Those who really need to obtain a second citizenship quickly and with absolute assurance come to us – and make no mistakes.

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