img4The residence permit is a special document that certifies the identity of the foreign citizen, and confirms that he has permission to reside in the host country. This document is required if you plan to stay in the European Union countries and any other country in the world for more than 90 days. It entitles you to free entry and exit from the country for the whole duration of the permit.

To obtain a residence permit in one of the countries – this task is now facing many people: work, studies, business, travel there are a lot of reasons for long stay away from homeland. As well as ways to obtain a residence permit.

  • Investments is one of those ways. Governments are generally supportive of those who support the economy of the country financially.
  • Entrepreneurship in the chosen country is a good reason to stay there for a long time.
  • If there are special circumstances in individual cases to obtain a residence permit can be much easier.
  • You can obtain a residence permit if your stay in the country is necessary for cultural and scientific activities.
  • For students who study at one of the universities of the country a residence permit is granted for the whole duration of their studies.
  • If close relatives live in the said country, you can obtain a residence permit for family reunification.
  • Repatriation or return to ones homeland – this method is suitable for those who is sure in their national identity to the people of this country and, of course, can prove it.
  • Political asylum is another way to quickly get a residence permit, if, of course, you have been persecuted at home and there are testimonies to it.

A residence permit obtaining is not an easy process, it can take a lot of time and effort, and can end unsuccessfully with a refusal. To avoid this, you should gather support of experts in advance by seeking help of a trustworthy lawyer.

Our experts use their knowledge and experience to address the issues associated with obtaining a residence permit. They are freely oriented in the legislation of each country with which we work, and because of their practical skills we can surely say that a residence permit can be obtained quickly and under all circumstances.

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