img4To obtain a residence permit in Europe, as well as European passport in a legal way nowadays is simply. And it can be done in six months! If your grandparents or parents (at least one of them, as evidenced by documents) was a resident or a citizen of a European country, you can get a residence permit in that country through repatriation.

High standard of living, wide range of social safeguards, extensive list of medical and educational services, the possibilities to move freely around the majority of European countries – all this attracts attention of many people who start thinking about obtaining a residence permit in the EU. At first glance the task seems difficult to accomplish. However, if you carefully read the immigration laws of the EU, it becomes clear that it is quite possible.

Residence permit provides a foreign citizen with a free stay in the country in which it was obtained. The main difference from the visa is that the period of continuous stay is longer, in different countries it ranges from one year to three years or more, a person has a large list of rights and freedoms. Complying with all requirements established by the local law, the residence permit is extended, often for longer periods.

After a specified period the owner has the opportunity to apply for a permanent residence or even citizenship of the country of residence. In fact, it is a step toward immigration and naturalization in the EU.

However, obtaining such status is clearly regulated by legislation of the countries of the European community. What are the cases when individual can become the owner of a residence permit:

  • One of necessary prerequisites is a certain short-term residence in the chosen country (on average, about 3 months).
  • First of all, you need to carefully reconsider your family tree and ancestors ethnic roots. Some countries open access to their borders on a national basis.
  • The EU has a program of families reunification. It is nice, if close relatives lawfully reside in Europe. One of the options is marriage to a citizen or resident of a European country. However, it should be remembered that in the EU prevention of fictitious marriage is strictly monitored.
  • For highly qualified professionals a personal invitation to work in European companies will be the opportunity to get a residence permit.
  • Education in educational institutions of Europe is a way of gaining a residence permit as well.
  • The essential prerequisite for granting a residence permit may be evidence of your stable high incomes, ensuring sufficient welfare both for the applicant and his family members. The availability of residential real estate or its long-term lease contract is often required.
  • To obtain a residence permit investments in the country’s economy are welcomed, businesses opening with workplaces creation.
  • Acquisition of your own property is one of the possibilities for obtaining residence permits in some EU countries (for example, in Spain, the Baltic states).

It will be very difficult to understand the nuances of obtaining a treasured status all by yourself for people not connected with law. Moreover, one can not disregard the variety of fraudulent schemes, prospering in this field. Our company guarantees an individual approach to each client. We will help you to open-mindedly determine your specific prospects for a residence permit obtaining and help you choose the best option, we will provide legal support of the whole process.

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