For the person who wants to expand his business, opening a company in another country is a step in the right direction. New contacts and opportunities for transactions by far compensate the initial investment and justify the efforts to overcome the bureaucratic red tape.

Certainly, one of the most promising countries for business is Slovakia. Located in the central part of Europe, this country is characterized by a stable economy and mild climate. In Slovakia they are not yet “tired” of migrants, so here foreigners are treated without hostility. In addition, the initial conditions for the entrepreneur in this country are extremely favorable: on the one hand, Slovakia attracts foreign investors, on the other – competition in the local market is not as high as in the most other European countries.

The main types of enterprises in Slovakia are a limited liability company (Ltd.) and joint stock company (JSC) with initial authorized capital of 5 thousand Euros for Ltd. and 15 thousand Euros for JSC. It is also possible to open a branch of already existing company. The main paradox is that in Slovakia it is impossible to open your own business without a residence permit. Fortunately, this contradictory situation has an easy way out – all the papers pre-approved by the Authority on entrepreneurial activity are filed to the Trade Court, from where the owner of the company receives the agreement to register. This document is considered sufficient reason for residence permit obtaining by the applicant, and you have to deal with it’s drawing-up. For this purpose, in addition to the consent in the Trade Court, you will need a document testifying to the acquisition or lease of real estate, a properly completed application form, medical certificate confirming your absence of serious diseases, certificate of good conduct in Slovakia and in the country of origin and a copy of the passport, valid for at least the next 18 months. In addition, you will have to purchase insurance in Slovakia and pay the fee.

As you can see, despite the undeniable benefits of registration of the company in Slovakia, the opening of business in this country is quite time-consuming process, and you can not do without skilled help. There are several important reasons why you should contact our company. Firstly, all the documentation is prepared in Slovak language, that is why you simply need the services of a translator. Secondly, by taking such a serious step in a foreign country whose laws you do not know properly, you risk not only with money and time, but also the success of the whole enterprise, while our specialists will minimize all of the risks to zero. Thirdly, according to the rules, the validity of the documents provided by you is only a month, so any hitch can throw you to the starting point. Only true professionals, with many years of international experience, which are the employees of our company, will be able to guide you through all instances quickly and without losses.

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