Malta – it is not just a country in the Mediterranean Sea, it is a quite attractive country for business.

And tourism is not the only sphere profitable for businessmen. Malta highly developed high technology, textile industry, ship repair, pharmaceuticals, gambling and electronics. Benefits of investing in the Republic of Malta are as follows:

  • official currency – Euro (since 2008.)
  • refers to the Schengen area;
  • Maltese legislation provides for dual citizenship;
  • stability of the political system;
  • member of the EU;
  • developed banking system;
  • English – the second official language in the country.

Future business in Malta must be registered in accordance with the Commercial Code. Company Registration in Malta by Financial Management in the Department of Social Security provides the opportunity to work legally and receive financial preferences from the state. To do this, you need to register a memorandum (Charter of the Company), pay a registration fee, registered office. For countries that do not belong to the EU, your will need additional documents, such as the recommendation of the bank, professional recommendations of shareholder or director, of the order form.

Company Registration in Malta can be difficult because of the language barrier, unfamiliar laws and procedures. It is not enough to collect the required documents; you need to know where they will be presented. We are ready to help at all stages of the establishment of your company. Advantages of registering a business in Malta by our company are obvious:

  • Extensive experience of our professionals allows to carry out this procedure in an extremely short time, and, hence, profits will flow faster;
  • Professional choice of the optimal organizational form for your company that will let conveniently do business;
  • Registration is carried out in a full compliance with all laws of the Maltese;
  • Save your energy, time, since we decide all the organizational issues: from the preparation of constituent documents prior to their submission to the competent authorities.

During the founding activities the client may have some accompanying questions, such as obtaining a residence permit, the Maltese tax and annual reports. We will explain in detail all the subtleties, guided by current legislation.

If you want to start a thriving business in the State of Malta and register a company here – contact us. Seriousness, responsibility, professionalism and individual approach – the terms of our work.

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