Naturalization is the legal process, the essence of which is that a citizen of one country obtains the citizenship of another country on the basis of his voluntary desire. Naturalization implies that there are no other reasons for the change of citizenship, i.e. it is not business immigration, family reunification and not the investment activity.





The main prerequisite for citizenship through naturalization obtaining is a voluntary desire of the applicant. Citizenship can not be conferred against one’s will, just as it can not be conferred to persons not meeting certain legal requirements. In every country of the world such requirements may vary.

The naturalization itself may include isolated cases referred to the following situation:

  • registration – means the citizenship obtaining by the applicant without observance of any of the additional terms. Usually categories of citizens who are entitled to obtain citizenship in such accelerated (or legally lightweight) mode are provided and are listed in the immigration legislation of the country;
  • citizenship conferral act. The said procedure is provided for by legislation of some countries for outstanding achievements. However, this should normally be considered as an exception and not as a rule.

It is a good practice for applicant to make sure whether he falls into a category of persons who can obtain a citizenship in a lightweight mode. For example, in Russia it is possible to obtain citizenship through naturalization in a simplified manner for the residents of the former Soviet Union republics who have not received citizenship after independence acquiring by republics and the status of independent countries.


In every country of the world the requirements differ significantly. However, there are several general requirements that will nearly always be required:

  • achievement of the age of majority ;
  • compliance with certain criteria of lawfulness (in some countries it is also called decency or high moral character). Usually it is difficult to obtain a citizenship of another country by the persons that were caught in illegal acts and immoral behavior ;
  • confirmation of obligations to comply with the legislation of the host country. In many countries an oath of allegiance to the country and its traditions is taken.

In most countries, there are also requirements such as proof of steady income source above a certain level and a language and / or the history of the country test.

Qualifying period is the time of the applicant staying in the country, after which he has the right to obtain citizenship through naturalization. In most countries this period is five years. In many countries, it can be reduced for the persons with the main nationality of the receiving country. For example, for ethnic Japanese born outside of Japan, the qualifying period is three years instead of five, and in Israel there is no qualifying period for ethnic Jews as the Law of return is in force.


The applicant who wishes to obtain the status of the citizen of another country may have a lot of difficulties, even if he will try as much as possible to prepare for the implementation of his objective. Among the most common problems the following should be highlighted:

  • the language barrier, as well as difficulties with the exams and tests passing;
  • documentary evidence of his loyalty and obedience to the law;
  • compliance with all the nuances of the legislation in the application filing process and documentation drawing-up.

Addressing competent high-quality professionals will allow avoiding most of these difficulties. If an applicant for citizenship through naturalization knows all the nuances in advance, he will not have to face situations when you have to spend extra time, efforts and finances.

When you decide to contact us, you can save yourself of any unforeseen situations in advance. Obtaining citizenship of another country through naturalization will not be a problem for you. You will know exactly all the requirements and will be able to follow them, and if the legislation provides lightweight conditions, you will be able to use them.


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