Regularly conducted audit – is a possibility to keep abreast and clearly understand how things are going on in your business. It’s an independent examination, which helps to estimate the quality of company’s activity generally or the efficiency of individual units work.

Besides, audit can be mandatory (regulated by legislative acts) and voluntary (led by the owner or manager); there are several types of inspections:

  • The internal audit is carried out by specialists of the company, need to be controlled. This type of audit can not be absolutely impartial and independent;
  • Separate specialized company conducts the external audits. This ensures the quality; compliance with the legislation of the procedures performed and result will be a detailed opinion on the state of affairs of the company.

What exactly auditor’s check and what types of examinations are the most demanded:

  • financial audit – reliability of financial reporting, resource efficiency, auditing activities;
  • industrial audit – assessment of manufacturing processes, quality control, technical support of the company;
  • audit staff – conformity employees to their positions, their effectiveness, and also drafting of personal characteristics;
  • audit for compliance – compliance assessment established rules and regulations, including legislation, the validity of the tax system, the level of pay, etc.

There are also a lot of specialized types of audit: PR, ecological, quality and many others.

Our company will help you to hold any kind of audit, and also provide concomitant to audit services:

  • survey checks – quick conclusion about the accuracy of financial statements of the company and its compliance with the law and the various inspection bodies;
  • agreed procedures – examination of constituent documents and documents of internal use, advising on taxation and accounting, legal assistance, analysis of financial and economic activities;
  • compilation of financial statements – the collection, classification and synthesis of all financial information about the company. The resulting report has a convenient and understandable for the perception form, and can also be brought into line with international standards (IFRS) or U.S. standards (USGAAP).

Working with our company, you can be sure that our audit will be completely independent and objective. Our specialists are working in accordance with international auditing standards, regularly upgrading their skills and ensure quality execution of all necessary procedures for you.

Each company is entitled to rely on the individual approach, expeditious implementation of all terms of the agreement and complete privacy.

We offer various options for cooperation – a long-term partnership or single consultations, as well as flexible pricing terms.

Reliability, mutually beneficial cooperation and quality assurance – the basic principles of our work!

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