The specialists, who deal with business immigration to Bulgaria, obtaining a residence permit and permanent residence as well as the citizenship, know several basic ways to obtain a permanent residence in Bulgaria. The foreigners should not regard as principal such method as marriage to a citizen or female citizen of Bulgaria. Especially that there are two more ways – slow and quick.


To obtain a permanent residence in Bulgaria is possible five years after the first visit with registration of residence permit. The residence permit should be constantly renewed once a year. Usually a company registration in the territory of the country, the establishment of a representative office or a long-term work contract serves as the basis.


Until mid-2009 the laws of Bulgaria provided for the possibility to obtain a permanent residence, by paying a fee in the amount of 500 million leva. But in May 2009 a new law was adopted and the “barrier to entry” was increased to 1 million leva, which is approximately equal to 512 thousand Euros. This will allow to immediately obtain a permanent residence without regular prolongation of residence permit, as in the “slow” method.

A capital in the amount of 512 thousand Euros is invested in interest-free bonds under the government of the country guarantees. Some banks have the authority to credit the investments. For investor, this means that he does not have to invest an amount, it will be sufficient to invest 180 thousand Euros – but five years later he would receive nothing back, because the other 332 thousand is loaned by the bank.

To participate in such program, the investor must have (including jointly with his wife) the fortune in the amount of 1 million Euros and more. This program is attractive by the fact that the laws of Bulgaria have an exception for investors, and neither they nor their families will have to constantly stay on Bulgarian territory. However, after five years you can apply for Bulgarian citizenship and obtain it, and this is a great chance to obtain a citizenship of the European Union. For those who want to always have an “alternate airfield”, this is a great opportunity, especially given the opportunity to obtain the European citizenship.

With such a “quick” method, you can obtain permanent residence in Bulgaria in about six – nine months.

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