Andorra  residences permit through investments in governmental bonds

The issuance for 2 years with the prolongation for 3+5+10…


  • To have the bank account in Andorra;
  • To have funds on bank account in Andorra (at least 150.000 EUR);
  • To invest in Andorran governmental bonds in the amount of 320.000 EUR for whole period of residence availability;
  • To place the funds on the deposit account of Ministry of Finance of Andorra in the amount of 50.000 EUR for main applicant +10.000 EUR per every additional family member;

Required documents:

  1. Extract from bank accounts;
  2. Documents confirming stable income;
  3. Document from Tax Office in country of residence confirming the absence of tax;
  4. Certificate of no criminal records;
  5. Document confirming the availability of real estate;
  6. Marriage certificate (if applicable);
  7. Birth certificate of children (if there are minor children).

All documents must be presented in the form of notarized copies, certified by Apostille and translated. Documents No. 1-4 should be no older than 30 days. Documents No. 4-7 should be no older than 90 days.

Phases of issuance:

  1. Signing Agreement;
  2. Payment of first part of our fee;
  3. Composition of profile (3-4 days);
  4. Arrival of main applicant to Andorra to open a bank account (1 day);
  5. Replenish the bank account;
  6. Invest in governmental bonds;
  7. Place the funds on the deposit account of Ministry of Finance of Andorra (2-3 days);
  8. Arrival to Andorra of all adult applicant to apply for residence permit (1 day);
  9. Pass the medical board (1-2 days);
  10. Receiving the temporary residence permit (1 day);
  11. Payment of second part of our fee;
  12. Submission of application for permanent residence permit (in 20-30 days);
  13. Receiving the permanent residence permit (1 day).



There is no such notion as prolongation. After residence permit card has expired it is changed for a new one.

The cost of our services:

  1. 10.000 EUR – to register a main applicant;
  2. 5.000 EUR – to register a spouse;
  3. 5.000 EUR – to register minor children (till 3 minor children).
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