The history of our company began as far back as 1992, when a joint French-English-Slovak company UKFS Eastern lawyers (UKFS Východný právnici) was established, to provide information and consulting services in the field of immigration for immigrants from the former Soviet Union. From the Slovak part of the company the founder was now-deceased grandfather of our CEO, who himself in the same 1992 emigrated from Ukraine to Slovakia. During the period of the great wave of emigration, the company grew rapidly. After the death of the founder from the Slovakian part in 2001, the company management was taken over by Western European founders. In 2003, after graduating from the University of Budapest Corvinus, Faculty of International Relations and Law, our current owner and chief was employed in UKFS Eastern lawyers as a lawyer on international affairs, and in 2005 took over the management of the part of the company, which belonged to his late grandfather. And in 2007 he separated his part from the other partners.

After separation the company has been significantly reorganized, so to say reoriented to the new realities in this business, taxation, law and other areas to which UKFS Eastern lawyers did not consider necessary to pay attention to, as a result of which the company UKFS Eastern lawyers itself in 2010 ceased to exist.

New independent life of our company started with a clean slate. And its wanton, rapid development began in the year of 2009. In this form, in which the company exists now, it was established in 2009 in Liechtenstein in the form of a trust.

In 2012, in United Kingdom a trademark (or as they say, a brand) 5 Stars Europe was registered.

Over the period of 2009-2013, apart from the main office in Bratislava, the company opened another 7 offices in several EU countries and the CIS, namely in Paris, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Krakow, Moscow and Kiev, as well as 5 partner offices in Milan, Hamburg, Bucharest, Odessa and Chisinau.

Nowadays our company is a trust association in Liechtenstein, which includes several companies, registered trademarks or brands. Company 5 Stars Europe is a brand registered in United Kingdom, which is owned by a Scottish company Harleston Impex LP, a member of the Liechtenstein trust.

The main area of activity of 5 Stars Europe is providing information and consulting services and legal support in immigration matters, financial services and security provision.


Block C/D Le Panorama
57 rue Grimaldi
98000 MC
Tel.: +33 1 82 88 38 98
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