With EB-5 visa the investor and his family members may reside in the United States on the basis of conditional status and in 2 years receive the permanent resident status (Green Card).
The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulate the program since it was started in 1990, when the US Congress approved the visa category EB-5 to attract the foreign entrepreneurs willing to invest in the US economy.

There are two ways to obtain the EB-5 visa:

Investments in the amount from $ 500 000 (USD) to $1000000 (USD)


In individual project in the United States.


In the regional center approved by the Immigration Service.

The first program provides for investments in commercial enterprise situated anywhere in the US.The second program requires to invest in the regional center, namely in some project in the area dealing with economic growth.In both cases for every investor the business must create 10 jobs in the US.After 5 years of having the permanent resident status (including 2 years of conditional status) the investor may apply for US citizenship.

5 Stars Europe Services.

5 Stars Europe experts will provide professional Legal support advice at all stages of participation registration in the investment program, as well as will deal with the preparation of all necessary documents.
Full list of documents depends on the excellent history of the Applicant and will be made after consultation with 5 Stars Europe experts in accordance with the requirements of investment program.


  • Conclusion of the Agreement and request for the documents necessary for application.
    After approval of the 1-526 Petition by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services the Applicant must pass an interview at the consulate for the review of biography, medical history and security check. Also, it is necessary to fill in Form 1-485 or Form DS-230, if the applicant is already in the US, where the changes regarding his immigration status will be made. To the passing of the interview the Applicant will be prepared by the experts of 5 Stars Europe.
  • The choice of projects in the US, in which the applicant would like to invest
    The investor can choose one of two options:
    1. Individual project, which will create for every investor 10 jobs in the US
    2. Investments in the regional center approved by the Immigration Service, where these investments will create 10 jobs per investor If necessary, 5 Stars Europe can consultant the Applicant, provide full assistance in this matter, and also accompany the Client during his trip to the United States in order to choose the investment object.
  • Investments in the selected company and 1- 526 Petition (“Immigration petition from the foreign entrepreneur”) to the Immigration Service
    A representative of 5 Stars Europe fills instead of the Client all files and required documents. After that the Applicant transfers the required sum of money, including all the required payments for the submission and support of the application, governmental fees and charges as well as the sum of money necessary to invest in a selected company, in full on corresponding escrow account. Then a representative of 5 Stars Europe submits CLUA (USCIS) 1-526 Petition to the Citizenship and Immigration Services.
  • Obtaining conditional permanent residence for 2 years.
    After signing the Agreement and making advanced payment 5 Stars Europe sends the Client a list of the documents that should be provided in order the 5 Stars Europe experts complete all the necessary forms and statements required for EB-5 visa.
  • Obtaining permanent residence in 2 years.
    After 1year and 9 months stay in the USA the Applicant will have to fill (with the help of 5 Stars Europe specialist) Form 1-829, where will be reflected, that he and the company in which he invested, meet all the requirements of the EB-5 Program. If necessary, 5 Stars Europe can consult the Client on that purpose. After approval of Form 1-829 the Applicant, his spouse, and unmarried children under the age of 21 will become the Legal US permanent residents and will obtain permanent Green Cards (1-551).
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