To establish a company in the United States – the dream of many businessmen from Asia, Europe, Australia, etc.

Is there not enough enterprising people to establish a new business in U.S.? There are enough people, but the law permits to start new businesses not only for American citizens, but also foreigners. U.S. laws basically loyal to businessmen, and it made and makes the U.S. the most attractive country for the establishment of new or expansion of existing business.

Private business, as well as other private property in the United States shall be inviolable, although the tax authorities carefully monitor compliance with rules and regulations, but no one comes to the new company and will not extort some money for a “normal” work. In the United States understood the role of private initiative for the development of the economy, so there really works a saying that “If you paid taxes, you can sleep well”.


Each individual businessman can attract various reasons in the U.S., but the main ones are:

  • Reliability.
  • Stability.
  • Security.

Company in the U.S. is a very safe investment, and you can invest in ultra-safe U.S. government bonds or private, but highly profitable, business (hotels, real estate, etc.). Unlike companies, opened offshore company from North America will never get blacklisted if will pay duties and take accounting reports in time. And, for example, opening a representative of the American company in Russia, you can get a decent amount of benefits, as well as legally get away from Russian taxes.

A good way to get the cherished green card – buy a business in the USA. Such a company becomes a guaranteed source of income that entitles fast receiving a green card. If the entrepreneur invests in a loss-making business, and provides ten jobs for Americans, then to him at the immigration authorities appear particularly friendly attitude. Another possibility for an application for a green card – manage work in the American branch of an overseas company. If a foreign company shows a profit in the U.S., regardless of the type of activity, its manager can obtain a residence permit after a year and half to two years.

Do not forget that the U.S. – the world’s largest market, exceeding all EU countries, so to expand business in this region is to get almost unlimited market for products or technologies.


Establishing a new company in the U.S. is not that difficult, but their system is different from the European in fact, that registration of a new company by the Secretary of State does not give the right to be fully operational. For U.S. authorities began to consider the company not fictitious, and normally working, it is necessary to hold a meeting of shareholders, to fill the internal documents: the procedure for electing the Board of Directors, the Shareholders’ Meeting, etc. One more detail – getting registered address in the United States.

Such nuances are pretty much, American corporate law is very different from the familiar to us European, and to be not trapped, you should issue formalization, registration, filling out paperwork questions with professionals.

Our legal company is working with opening new companies in hundreds of countries. Our experts are familiar with all the nuances, all the details of the legislation in different regions of our planet, and for each question there is a correct answer.

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