Residence Permit in the United Kingdom


Tier I Entrepreneur Visa is a temporary residence permit in the United Kingdom, subsequently providing an opportunity to obtain a permanent residence and citizenship of the United Kingdom.
The main goal of Tier 1 Entrepreneur program is to attract intellectual capital to the United Kingdom, which is the main difference from the investor program, which is designed solely to attract financial resources. Accordingly, when considering an application for an Entrepreneur Visa the employees of UK Immigration Service first of all pay attention to the fact how serious the entrepreneurial intentions of the Applicant are in reality.

Permanent residence and the citizenship of the United Kingdom 


There are two ways TO OBTAIN an ENTREPRENEUR VISA:

  • By organizingyourownbusiness
  • By investing funds in already operating company.

The required investment amount is GBP 200 000. Given the relatively low threshold of entry and a significant difference in terms of money to alternatives (especially with Tier 1 Investor Visa), this method of relocating to the UK is one of the least expensive. At the same time, the percentage of refusals from the Home Office on this Visa is quite high (around 65%).
In the framework of this project our company gives ourclients the opportunity to invest in the operating businesses, which are related to the academic and professional experience of the client. This approach provides an outstanding result. Firstly, joining an existing company, you do not have to prove that the business will be created. Secondly, the business, participation in which it is offered to the client, in fact corresponds to the prior client experience, which greatly simplifies the task of actually proving intent.

KINGDOM PLAN is an effective solution for Wealthy and successful

Kingdom Plan is a complex of services for those who want to use all the possibilities of Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa.

Business selection

One of the main difficulties in the process of obtaining a Visa is a need to prove the reality of entrepreneurial intentions of the Applicant to the immigration service of the United Kingdom. We can easily solve this problem by choosing a company of the kind of activity which corresponds to the academic and professional experience of the client in the best way.

Preparation of a full package of documents for  obtaining a visa

The basic principle, which is followed by our lawyers during the preparation of documents – “solely individual approach”. Each client is unique, and in each case it is necessary to use all available means to reduce the risk of refusal in visa obtaining. Not limited to the preparation of the business plan, we enlist the letters of recommendation from your business associates or teachers. Your future British partners will make a letter that will indicate the outstanding importance of your specific experience and your specific business investment.

Accompanying the process of buying shares

Participation of the clientin the business is provided through the purchase of company shares (ownership). We represent the client’s interests when negotiating with business owners and provide comprehensive client protection.

Working places and conditions for Visa extension creation

When accepting investment, the company is committed to collect the necessary documents confirming the client’s participation in business, creation of 2 working places and the provision to the client of the director position.Our lawyers monitor compliance of the company with the requirements, required in terms of the immigration process until the client receives permanent residence.

Comprehensive support

We understand that when relocating to a new country the emergence of dozens of issues, such as, for example, tax planning, purchase or lease of real estate, choice of an educational institutionis inevitable. In an effort to help the client we provide at his disposal our affiliate program eliminating the need for independent search for solutions.

Business cases

Here are some real-life examples of how The KINGDOM PLAN works

Case # 1. Please do not disturb

After completing a career in one of the Russian banks, our client decided to relocate to the United Kingdom. Initially an Investor Visa was considered as an easiest way. However, the increase in the required minimum investment up to 2 million pounds and a double increase of the exchange rate of the pound against the ruble made this method not quite so attractive. Moreover, the client did not really want to take an active part in the business, and would prefer not to be “bothered”.
The ideal solution for the implementation of this task was the Kingdom Plan. The client has joined the company engaged in investment consulting. A contract was signed with the company, according to which after 5 years (after residence permit), the company buys the client shares.Thus the minimum client involvement is provided with a high degree of reliability of the transaction –the company Founder acts as its guarantor.

Case # 2. Opening up new possibilities

For the other our client relocation to the United Kingdom was the next step in his professional development. Joining the existing business and financially participating in it, he also actively engaged in its management and development. In this case, competent selection of the industry is the most relevant. The scope of the client’s business in Russia is architecture and design. In the United Kingdom, he joined the development company, in which his experience in the implementation of construction and architectural design allows you to open new horizons for both sides of the transaction.

Case # 3. A successful start for the children

It is quite logical to start a career in the United Kingdom after graduation from one of the best universities in the country. But without a work permit the possibilities of a young professional are close to zero. His parent obtaining an Entrepreneur Visa will help the successful start of the recent student. The availability of such visa by the parent gives the children as family members and dependent persons, a permit to work and full access to the labor market of the United Kingdom.

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