In 2008, Switzerland became part a member of the Schengen Area – although notably, not a member of the European Union.

According to Swiss immigration legislation, foreign citizens, including their immediate family members (spouse and minor children), may apply for a temporary residence permit in Switzerland through the incorporation of a company for business purposes with the objective of creating new jobs.

In order to apply for a residence permit through incorporation of a Swiss company, the following criteria shall be met:

  • Incorporation of a Swiss company (SA form)
  • Innovative nature of business and important investments (CHF 1 to 6 million)
  • Creation of new working places and employment of Local Nationals
  • The applicant must be appointed as Director of the company and has signed an employment agreement. The salary and employment agreement terms connected to the local professional and business sector requirements should be satisfied
  • The foreign national may be permitted to work only if it is proven that no domestic or EU/EFTA application has been suitable
  • The applicant must possess educational and professional qualifications, work experience, language and other skills required for the position
  • The applicant must fill and submit necessary application forms to the immigration authorities, accompanied by:
    – Valid passport copy
    – 2 photos (passport format)
    – Detailed CV
    – Valid insurance policy in Switzerland
    – Proof of legal address
    – Business-plan, description of company’s activity, estimated company budget
    – Proof of an unsuccessful research for employees within the Swiss and European labor market
    – Copy of employment agreement diplomas and certificates, proving that the applicant has sufficient education, working experience, qualifications and skills
    – Certificate showing no criminal record

From the moment of making a decision, Swiss immigration authorities reserve the right to require further information and documentation from the applicant and pay particular attention to Professional Skill set, integration ability for Swiss social life, linguistic knowledge and the age of the candidate.

The application shall be submitted to the Tripartite Commission for the economy, which will make a decision, taking into account the economic interests that the company would represent for the Swiss canton. Residence permits for non-members of EU/EFTA can only be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Time scale – Once all the documents have been submitted, the immigration authorities mill make a decision within 5 months.

Unique features of a Swiss residence permit:

  • Possibility to live in an economically stable environment
  • Pleasant and prestigious lifestyle
  • Possibility to obtain a residence permit for family members
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