Switzerland, a country of mountains and lakes, magnificent resorts and famous chocolate attracts travelers from around the world. But not only idle vacationers come to Switzerland, because in addition to wonderful Alpine landscapes this country is distinguished by surprising political stability and thriving economy, that’s why Swiss banks have become a symbol of reliability. Very, very many people dream to obtain a citizenship in this country or open a business here.

By starting a business in Switzerland you can kill two birds with one stone: firstly, to expand your own business, and secondly, to obtain a residence permit, allowing you to further expect and to obtain Swiss citizenship. Opening a business in Switzerland not only allows you to move freely in other EU countries but also will bring your business to the international level (suffice it to say that Swiss economy is one of the most successful in the world, and Zurich is the third largest foreign exchange market in the world).

In order to register a company in Switzerland it is not necessary to be a resident of the country. The applicant must be 18 or older, have no trouble with the law and have an authorized capital of 100 000 francs (about 82 thousand Euros) in order to assign the status of JSC ( Joint Stock Company) to the registered firm and 20 thousand francs (16 400 Euros) for obtaining the status of Ltd. (Limited Liability Company). With opening of Ltd. there will be less hassle, but those who are interested in large contracts and plan to relocate to Switzerland, should better focus on JSC – this legal form of enterprise enjoys an absolute priority in the country.

An application for registration of the new company is thoroughly checked by officials of relevant departments in order to avoid possible matches. For those whose application is approved, it is necessary to agree on official business address, specify the scope of the proposed activities, and open an account at a local bank.

Note: if you do not have Swiss citizenship, residence or work permits in the country, you have to bring residents of Switzerland to the management of your company. Otherwise the registration will not take place! You will be able to lead your own company legally only after receiving a work permit.

As we can see, despite all the benefits of starting a business in Switzerland, registration of your own company in this country is a complex procedure and requires significant expenditures. Acting alone, you can become a victim of unscrupulous middlemen, get lost in the maze of legal and economic intricacies of a foreign country, and, ultimately, spend the extra money, precious time and effort. But this is what our company exists for – to help you understand the intricacies of tax and legal system of Switzerland. Our experts will not only give you professional advice, make a list of the required documents and submit an application correctly, but will lead you to the ultimate goal – to register your company in Switzerland step by step. By contacting us, you will save nerves and save yourself the trouble, because from this moment we will be there to solve all your problems.

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