The residence permit of Spain by the program for the self-sufficient Applicants

The most optimal way to obtain the residence permit of Spain is obtaining the residence permit by the program of residence permit of Spain for self-sufficient Applicants.
This kind of residence permit is issued for 1 year, the next prolongations the Applicant obtains for 2 + 2 years, and after 5 years of presence of residence permit the Applicant obtains permanent residence.

The Applicant has to meet the following requirements:

  • The Applicant has to have the funds, which can cover the expenses related with his life and life of his family during the period of residence in Spain: it means, that when applying he has to show as minimum 10.000 euro per year for each member of his family (at the moment of first and second prolongation this amount is doubling, as prolongation of the residence permit is for 2 years);
  • The Applicant don’t have to live abroad the Spain (for example, if the applicant is working as a doctor in Germany, he can’t live in Spain, only if he plans to retire; if, for example, applicant owns the business outside of Spain, and obtained the residence permit as a self- sufficient Applicant, or obtained the residence permit through the family reunification, or through investments in real estate, he can freely apply for the residence permit in Spain);
  • The Applicant can’t work in Spain, it means that his financial sources has to come from any business activity or assets from outside of the Spain;
  • The Applicant has to have real estate for living in Spain, it can be as leased, as well as purchased property;
  • The Applicant can’t have any criminal records;
  • The Applicant has to have Spanish health insurance polis to cover the medical care of his family.

The fee of our company for providing of this service in the basic cost is 7.000 euro + VAT (21%) for each Applicant.

The schedule of the payment of our company fee:

  • 2.000,00 euro + VAT = 2.420 euro paid when signing Agreement;
  • 2.000,00 euro + VAT = 2.420 euro paid when submitting the Application for the residence permit;
  • 3.000,00 euro + VAT = 3.630 euro paid when obtaining the residence permit.

In the cost of the service are not included governmental fees, the cost of the documents translation. These payments the Applicant has to make by himself.


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