Spain is a sunny hospitable country with great prospects for opening of a profitable business. Opportunity to start your own business in the EU country has always attracted foreigners, especially since Spain is most loyal to them, making the minimum requirements.

In fact, every foreigner who has attained 18 years, who was not convicted, and stays in Spain legally, can open a business in this country. In this respect, the procedure for opening a business makes virtually no distinctions for Spaniards and foreigners, which already is an advantage. It should also be noted:

  • reliable legal framework and business support from the part of the country
  • presence of many profitable business areas
  • loans granting to business owners
  • tax incentives
  • residence permit obtaining
  • engaging your relatives as employees, which enables to employ the whole family
  • simplified business registration

The possibilities are very optimistic, but keep in mind that business registration looks simple only in comparison with other EU countries, while passing this way every aspiring businessman will inevitably face difficulties. The main difficulty is the confusion of bureaucratic procedures for the unprepared person. Spaniards love order, and will make you visit many public authorities in order to draw-up all papers. Each authority has its own periods for papers waiting and permits issuing, where it is very easy to get confused. For example, the resolution for the name of the company is valid only for 2 months.

You need to define in advance where your business will operate and establish a clear niche for entrepreneurial activity. Geographical reference and specification of business line are very important for Spain. Therefore, you need a clear business plan.

Next you need to choose a name for the future company and receive a certificate about the name, which is usually sent by mail. Then you choose a bank that suits you and make the first investment in your business – open an account with a minimum statutory fund depending on the chosen form of ownership. Then you can start the process of registering your company by the notary. At this stage, you need a lawyer who will develop a statute of the company, stamp, gets the necessary licenses. It is possible to start entrepreneurial activity after assigning the tax number to the company and confirmation of registration in the State Register of Enterprises.

It is unreal to execute this algorithm of actions without knowledge of the bureaucratic apparatus of Spain, its laws and experience in starting a business in this country. Our company will provide you with expert assistance and will quickly guide you through the creation of business. You will reach your goal without long waits and with a guarantee of successful launching of your business with us.


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