To conduct business as efficiently as possible, to save on taxes, quickly respond to changing market regulation of financial flows and to protect personal information, many businessmen prefer to register their business offshore, for example, in Panama. So, how to open a business in the Republic of Panama? And what benefits will entrepreneur have with business in this country?


Situated on the isthmus between North and South America, the Republic of Panama with presidential rule has long been one of the international centers, where many foreign companies and firms registered.


The secret of popularity among the businessmen of this country is simple: first, there may be the company people with any nationality and of any nationality, and secondly, it is an offshore zone and the companies that are registered there, have the right to:

  • to do business in any country without paying taxes on the source of their income and having thus guarantee protection of confidential data (firms in Panama have the right not to publish the list of shareholders of companies);
  • not provide the tax authorities the financial statements (assuming doing business solely outside of Panama borders);
  • keep accounts in any language;
  • issue shares (both bearer and registered);
  • open offices anywhere;
  • transfer funds with no problem, make transactions in any currency (there are no exchange controls).

Furthermore, in the Republic you can register a company with little or no share capital (minimum size of its legislation is not set) and stamp, with only three directors (real or nominal – are formal leaders who are hired in order to hide the true owners of the business). A meeting of shareholders and the board of directors can be organized in any country in the world (but you can not carry them at all, because the laws of Panama allow it).


To register your business in the Republic of Panama takes only ten days. In this case the personal presence of the owner is not required: everything can be done by a representative (he should transmit the documents to the notary, which will then create in the Public Registry of the company’s registration).

Most often, foreigners register investment private foundations or various corporations. But the law allows issue well the partnership (limited or unlimited liability, as well as individual), trusts and limited companies.

During the registration of the company you must pay the statutory fee and then an annual fee to renew the company’s activities.


Want to register a business in an offshore zone and work more efficiently?

We will help you become the owner of the company in Panama quickly and without any hassle!

Our experts, who are long working in this direction, will advise you on all matters relating to the conduct of business in the Republic, as well as take over:

  • formalization and translation of all necessary for register documents;
  • finding a suitable office in the country with the provision of legal address;
  • payment of the duty.

We can also find in Panama nominee directors for your company if you do not want your name was on the list of founders (it is published and usually includes three directors), or help buy a ready-made company.

Just call us and you will become the owner of a profitable business in Panama as soon as possible!

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