On the 29 of May 2014 on Malta, Saint Julian’s, took place a conference organized for the world’s elite by one of the global leaders in field of residence and citizenship planning, company Henley & Partners.

The key word on the conference took the Prime Minister of Malta, Honoured Dr. Joseph Muscat, who reported about A New Era of foreign direct investment for Malta aiming to receive Maltese citizenship. Among the speakers were not only members of foreign governments, but also numerous representatives world’s largest companies, universities and other institutions.

One of the main focuses on the meeting was the perspective of investment programs in Europe, which from year to year open more and more new possibilities for a lot of people al over the world.

5 Stars Europe took a worthy place inside the sector of partner-companies presentations and aroused indefinite interest by chosen for conference programs of the residence in Hungary by investing in residential bonds and the citizenship of Bulgaria, also by investing in governmental bonds.

By leadership’s and companies agent’s estimate from all over the world, who were direct participants of conference, already popular Hungarian program, will acquire more and more popularity after entry into force changes in immigration Hungarian legislation. This innovation will let 5 Stars Europe to offer not only profitable residence in one of the EU countries, but also citizenship, which increases the client’s demand on this program.

5 Stars Europe, with the Henley & Partners support, demonstrated permanent level of company uniting highly professional team of people, who work in unique sphere of residence and citizenship planning, real estate and offering services for wealth individuals and their families.


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