Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign documentation that operates in Malta since 1995. Here ratified 27 international treaties on avoidance of double taxation and the obstacles to tax evasion. Malta has long since become one of the best jurisdictions to conduct business in various fields: in the conduct of trade with the EU, the creation of holding companies, organizations of online casino with merchant accounts in Europe, working in the field of e-commerce and online stock trading.

For example, in Russia Federal Law № 244 prohibits online gaming, but in Malta to open such a business is possible if to get the license of one of the allowed classes:

  • Class 1 license – online casino, slot machines, lotteries;
  • Class 2 license – online betting;
  • Class 3 license – bingo and poker;
  • Class 4 license – trading software.

It is possible to obtain two or more licenses, and registration and licensing process takes about two to three months. Maltese licenses trusted by players from around the world, they make it easy to open bank accounts and merchant accounts that provide the ability to run various projects that are prohibited in some countries.

Standard tax rate in Malta is 35%, but certain laws allow reducing it to 5%.

Company on the island most profitable to registry in LLC format (Limited Liability Company) – a public or closed. At least one shareholder (resident or non-resident, but in this case you will need more information about him), director (under the same conditions as the shareholder), secretary (preferably, if the secretary position is taken by a resident having specific qualifications) are required.

The minimum share capital of Malta is only 1250 euro, of which 20% will be paid upon registration. Also a legal address obtained by leasing office on the island is needed. Companies are required to file an annual tax return and to audit annually. Often the reporting in Malta is submitted in IFRS form.

It must be remembered that the registration and license in Malta is a rather complex process consisting of many steps. All procedures from conducting due diligence to post-site applicant for a license, its business reputation and banking history, require maximum concentration and large financial and labor costs. You need to hire a staff of experts in the field of Maltese and European law, which entails additional expenses.

We are practicing the formalization of licenses in Malta for many years and during that time had to face lot of different situations. Accumulated experience and extensive knowledge of our best specialists allow to declare with confidence that with our help customers get the desired Maltese license in the shortest time, saving in the process significant financial and human resources. Contact us now for an extensive consultation of all the nuances of licensing in Malta!

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