Investment Fund is the ideal form for preservation, storage and management of available investment resources. Establishment of such funds can reliably protect and enhance your own property, significantly reducing costs for different kinds of business operations and minimizing the risks of financial loss. The mechanism of functioning of investment funds, excellently tuned thanks to the professional activities of experienced financial market participants can guarantee the legal rights to inherit all existing investments.

Malta, despite the fact that it is the smallest country of the European Union states, has a reputation as a reliable, stable financial center, which offers potential investors the most favorable conditions for the establishment of investment funds. Among the obvious advantages of creating funds in Malta can be identified:

  • attractive preferential taxation system;
  • giving results, clear systematic pattern of distribution of investment and their management;
  • security of activities of all institutions by Maltese law.

For a long time it was believed that the establishment of an investment fund – an extremely long, troublesome process requiring huge financial costs and conjugated with a variety of risks. We offer a full range of all the necessary professional services that enable to organize the establishment of investment fund fast, legal and economical. Contacting us guarantees:

  • Operational individual selection of the future structure that meets the objectives of a particular investor;
  • Constant detailed advice after receiving a license;
  • Qualified professional help in the preparation of all necessary regulatory documents (agreements);
  • Protection of the interests in the bodies of supervision and regulation;
  • Competent legal support throughout the establishment and operation of an investment fund.

Our professional experience is confirmed by numerous positive reviews of satisfied customers, whose investments are already under the protection of funds in Malta, bringing their owners stable recurring income. The client who trust us receives:

  • assurances of confidentiality;
  • confidence in the preservation and enhancement of assets;
  • the legitimacy of the rights of inheritance of all investments;
  • full compliance with all laws of the Foundation’s activities in Malta.

In close cooperation with our investment fund established in Malta and its subsequent smooth functioning would be affordable and convenient process for any individual or corporation, as the market for fund services in Malta is a working great sphere of our productive activity.

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