Malta is a wonderful Mediterranean island, which used to be a British colony, and today is an independent state – a member of the European Union. Malta pleases not only with wonderful weather, colonial architecture and clean sea, but also with comfortable investment climate, enviable conditions for international business and … European citizenship for investment!

The Malta Individual Investor Program (MIIP) requires an applicant to make a significant economic contribution to the country. In exchange, and subject to a stringent vetting and due diligence process, including thorough background checks, the applicants and their families are granted citizenship.

To qualify for citizenship, the main applicant must be at least 18 years of age and meet the following application requirements:

  • Contribution to the National Development and Social Fund (NDSF) in the amount of €650,000; and
  • Acquisition of real estate with a minimum value of €350,000 to be held for at least 5 years; or
  • Lease residential real estate in Malta for a period of 5 years, at an annual rent of at least €16,000; and
  • Investment in stocks, bonds or special purpose vehicles to be identified by Identity Malta, for a minimum value of €150,000; and
  • Global health insurance coverage for at least €50,000 for all applicants.

Main applicants can include in their MIIP application:

  • Spouse
  • Children (his/her own or those of his/her spouse) of 26 years of age and under, provided that they are not married and that they are financially dependent on the main applicant;
  • Dependents over the age of 55 years (e.g. parents, grandparents), provided that they reside together with the main applicant and are financially dependent on the main applicant

The application process

In brief, the steps will be as follows:

  1. The main  applicant  shall  provide  in  English  language  initial  information  about him/herself to his/her consultant at our company as follows:
    • Full first and last name as stated in his/her passport
    • Place and date of birth
    • Citizenship(s)
    • Gender
    • Passport number(s)
    • Principal residential address (must be confirmed at a later stage by an original utility bill issued under the name of the main applicant; bank statement with the name and address of the main applicant; tax invoice et)
    • Occupation and company name in full, including address and telephone number, as well as web-­‐site if any
    • PDF copies of passport of the main applicant and all family members, which shall be included in the application
  2. Our consultant shall provide this information to IIP Malta Ltd, which shall complete the first background verification.
  3. Should there be no issues of concern, then IIP Malta Ltd. shall issue an invoice for €10,000, being the specialized company non­‐refundable retainer. At this stage the Client Agreement between the Client and IIP Malta Ltd. is not yet signed, the payment is to be made on the basis the invoice issued by IIP Malta Ltd.
  4. The applicant shall settle the invoice and provide his/her consultant at our company with a copy of the SWIFT confirmation.
  5. Our consultant shall send to the main applicant or to his/her representative a set of application forms to be filled out, together with instructions, as well as the Client Agreement with IIP Malta Ltd. The text of the Client Agreement is not final and shall be signed as is.
  6. The applicant shall with the help of his/her consultant finalize the government application forms and collect the relevant supporting documentation.
  7. The complete application pack, including two original copies of the Client Agreement signed by the main applicant, shall be sent by the client by courier to our
  8. After initial verification the complete application our company shall send pack to IIP Malta Ltd. where it is checked for completeness, accuracy and due diligence vetting.
  9. Should there be no issues of concern with the application, IIP Malta Ltd. shall issue invoices for:
    • the balance of the our client fees;
    • the government due diligence fees;
    • the €10,000 non-­‐refundable contribution, which counts as a partial payment towards to the NDSF contribution amount (required upon issuance of the Letter of Approval in Principle); and
    • the bank charges in the amount of €200 per application.
  10. Authorized representatives of IIP Malta Ltd. shall countersign the Client Agreement and send one original copy to the address indicated by the client.
  11. The client shall settle the invoices and provide his/her consultant at our company with copies of the SWIFT confirmations.
  12. Upon receipt of these amounts, IIP Malta Ltd. shall submit the complete application pack to the government (i.e. Identity Malta, the government entity responsible for approving applications under the program) and arrange for the due diligence fees to be sent to Identity Malta upon their request.
  13. Identity Malta shall give its decision on the application and, if favorable, issue the Letter of Approval in Principle to IIP Malta Identity Malta shall provide a response – approval, refusal or request  for interview – within  120 days of  their receipt of the application.
  14. Within 5 days of the Letter of Approval in Principle, IIP Malta Ltd. will issue an invoice to the client asking for the balance of the contribution, which must be paid within 25 days of the Letter of Approval in Principle.

    : Upon transfer of the balance of the contribution to the account of IIP Malta Ltd., the entire amount of the contribution becomes non-­‐refundable under any circumstances. In the event that the applicant decides not to proceed with the application for the Maltese citizenship for whatever reason, then, according to the laws and regulations governing the MIIP, he forfeits his right to reimbursement of the contribution amount.
  15. Within 4 months of the Letter of Approval in Principle, proof must be submitted to Identity Malta that the applicant has a contractual undertaking to complete the real estate purchase or fulfill the lease, as well as complete the requisite €150,000 investment required by Identity
  16. Once the Letter of Approval in Principle has been issued, Malta Immigration will be able to grant the client and his/her family members a National Visa for a period 90 days or more, allowing the him/her (and his/her family) to visit Malta in order to take the Oath of Allegiance, complete any property viewings and/or purchases, and provide their biometric data (fingerprints).
  17. Within 2 years but no earlier than 6 months from the date of the application, provided all conditions have been met, a Certificate of Naturalization shall be issued. This will only become available to the applicant once the Oath of Allegiance has been taken at Identity Malta’s office in Valletta,
  18. The Certificate of Naturalization shall be required to complete the passport
  19. All applicants over the age of 12 must collect their passports in person in Malta.

Next Steps

  1. Due Diligence
    a) Please get  in  touch  with  us  in  order  to  provide  the  initial  personal  information, required for initial due diligence, if you have not done this before
    b)We ask those clients, who have already completed the J1 check, to get in touch with one of  our consultants via e-­‐mail and confirm that you are  ready  to  proceed  with submitting the application as described in the MIIP.
  2. Payment of specialized company retainer
    Upon  receipt  of  invoice  from  Malta  IIP  Ltd.  please  remit  €10,000  as  per  indicated  bank account details and send a copy of the SWIFT confirmation to your 5 Stars Europe consultant.
  3. Receipt of program documents
    Your consultant sends you an e-­‐mail containing: the Client Agreement with IIP Malta Ltd. and all the government application forms together with instructions.
  4. Filling out the application forms
    You  fill  out  all  application  forms  as  drafts  and  prepare  the  additional  documents  in consultation with your contact person at 5 Stars Europe.


Fees and Program Cost

The following contributions and fees shall be required to qualify for citizenship under the MIIP:


  • Principal applicant: €650,000
  • Spouse: €25,000
  • Each Dependent child aged 0-17: €25,000
  • Each Dependent aged 18-26, not married and financially dependent on the main applicant: €50,000
  • Each Dependent aged 55 or  above, residing together  with the  main applicant and financially dependent on the main applicant: €50,000

Due diligence fee

  • Principal applicant: €7,500
  • Spouse: €5,000
  • Each Dependent child aged 0-­‐17: €3,000
  • Each Dependent aged 18-­‐26: €5,000
  • Each Dependent aged 55 or above: €5,000

Passport fees per person: €500

Bank charges per application: €200

Our client fees:

  • Principal applicant: €70,000
  • Spouse: €15,000
  • Each Dependent child aged 0-17: €10,000
  • Each Dependent aged 18-26: €15,000
  • Each Dependent aged 55 or above: €15,000
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