Maltese law provides for mandatory accounting for offshore companies, regardless of their form of taxation. Bookkeeping enables the company to easily distribute and reinvest the resulting profit from work in compliance with all legal standards. Companies that are not leading accounting, unable to pay dividends to its shareholders, to determine the exact size of the assets, to prepare financial statements.

The list of the provided accounting services typically includes a number of the following services:

  • Formation of the register account;
  • Bookkeeping for each register;
  • Asset Accounting of the company;
  • Banking support;
  • Compilation of primary documents;
  • Cash operations;
  • Tax accounting, tax charges and payroll;
  • Preparation of financial statements and annual reports;
  • Representing the interests of the company at various instances;
  • Counseling and complete accounting services.

Companies, which have a registration on the territory of Malta, accounting conducts in the purpose of calculating income tax, value added tax, as well as in accordance with Maltese law, which requires each company to conduct an annual audit of financial statements.

As a result of accounting for the client company prepared financial statements, which includes a balance sheet, profit and loss statements, cash transactions and report about transactions related to equity.

Transmission of necessity in bookkeeping to our company saves your time, effort and financial resources: you do not need to hire your own staff accountants and lawyers familiar and regularly working with Maltese law. Our experts will fully take over your company’s accounting, financial reporting framework, accounting value added tax, as well as the annual work with the external auditors.

Our company provides a full range of accounting services, observing all the norms of business ethics. We work for our customers and constantly improve our level of support companies in banking, compliance with tax laws of Malta, payroll and administration of companies. Extensive experience and excellent knowledge of Maltese law allows us to understand the peculiarities of each type of business and take appropriate actions to resolve all issues in accounting in Malta.


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