• You have no legal address, or you want to provide your company “beautiful” and respectable physical address in another city or even country.
  • The nature of your business does not create a pressing need for the presence of a permanent office with a full staff. It may be, for example, an online store or company that sells products to customers through catalogs.
  • You do not have the resources to sustain the operation and permanent life-support of the office, as at the moment most of the forces thrown to development (reorganization) of your business. At the same time, of course, you do not want to lose contact with clients. In this case, the measure of the firm, providing virtual office, may well be a temporary help for your business.
  • You want, for example, live in Rome, and conduct business in Russia. There are a lot of examples, and real stories of real people – can be a proof.

There may be other reasons, and in each individual case management scheme to your virtual office developed by our professionals in a special way, with aimed at maximizing returns and – at the same time – simplicity. We are not complicating doing business, on the contrary – simplify!


  • Prestige and customer loyalty.Contacting with your virtual/real address and getting competent advice from our experienced staff representing your interests, people will trust you. Office is virtual in terms of lack of the hassle associated with its content, but he is physically real and features of its functioning clearly tailored exactly to your needs.
  • Appreciable material benefits.As shown by elementary calculations, hire the services of a virtual office will be much cheaper than to spend money on maintenance staff (with their full social security), rents (premises) and carry other organizational and economic costs.
  • Real return from your business.

Our task is to thoroughly examine your case for the most effectively work with your customers. Competently, quickly, flexibly – this is the way how we will build our (and therefore your) work, and you can be sure about the conduct of your affairs, even if on that moment you will be in a completely different part of the globe.

Attention! In cooperation with us is fully respected privacy policy of information! This related absolutely to all correspondence received on your name, phone calls and other business communications. Trade secret – is the core of our partnership.

Concreteness of our services

  • Providing a physical address with city phone line, which will receive calls from your customers and partners.
  • Receiving calls, its handling: providing of consultation and redirection (if necessary) to the head, which is, you or your authorized persons. All these issues are negotiated in advance.
  • Receiving incoming mail in the same way.
  • Optimization of doing business, clear and well-coordinated work of the secretariat and reception.

Thus the deployment (and opposite – minimize) of our services can be done in minimum time, you will be able to respond flexibly to the dynamics and make the decisions that are optimal, in your opinion, right now. Those tasks that you want to assign to the professionals of our company will be fulfilled accurately, quickly, competently and confidently!

Block C/D Le Panorama
57 rue Grimaldi
98000 MC
Tel.: +33 1 82 88 38 98
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