More and more people among those who are seriously concerned about their future and the future of their family leave for permanent residence abroad. In most cases this decision is justified because in other countries indeed, sometimes “the grass is greener”. Economic and political freedoms, civil protection, unlimited opportunities for personal self-realization and new latitudes to develop your business – that is what can the citizenship of another country can give to a modern person. Moreover, by obtaining a second citizenship the person can provide the right to choose the best place for himself and his loved ones. Such is life and cynicism has nothing to do with it: everyone is free to choose.

Simple foreign passport does not give the listed advantages, moreover , visa, which is received with it, limits the allowable time of staying on the territory of another country, whether it’s travel, labor, student or even immigration visa. However, obtaining a foreign passport may well be the first step on the way to a new life and second citizenship obtaining.

There are several ways how to do it:

  • To obtain unlimited residence permit in another country, to reside and work there, to buy real estate: years later you can be a full citizen. However, the waiting period can be up to 12 years.
  • To enter into marriage with a citizen of another country and reside permanently in its territory – it will be possible to obtain citizenship in a somewhat shorter time than in the first case.
  • To join the ranks of the armed forces of another country, for athletes and artists – to represent the country in the international arena.
  • For investors – to invest funds in the development of the country, to carry out sponsorship.
  • Be in demand by profession in this country, it is good to know the language and culture of the country, constantly prove your loyalty to the country.
  • And finally, repatriation – citizenship of another country obtaining by the person according to the availability of ethnic roots.

Let’s touch on the last option. A repatriate must prove that in his family in a straight line to the great-grandmother or great-grandfather there were the representatives of this nation. The main disadvantage of repatriation is that sometimes it can be very difficult to prove your ethnicity to a particular country. In addition, in some countries after the oath to another country you have to renounce your former citizenship. But these disadvantages are unessential. The specialists can help you with the search of ethnic roots, and as to the country for European citizenship you can choose one, where the law will be loyal to dual citizens and multi citizens (persons having multiple citizenships). One way or another, the benefits of citizenship through repatriation obtaining, far outweigh the disadvantages:

  • You do not need to reside in the country for many years in anticipation of the right to obtain citizenship.
  • The level of loyalty to you when considering your application is significantly increased.
  • In most cases, you are freed from state duties when the citizenship obtaining, moreover, there’s an opportunity to receive additional financial support.
  • The spouse and children of repatriate will obtain citizenship without any problems;
  • Ample opportunities to study and work, as well as getting all social guarantees are opened before you.

Most often the citizenship through repatriation is obtained in Israel and Greece. Ethnic roots in these cases can be found the easiest way, and the conditions in these countries for repatriates are the best. Also economically developed countries with a good climate and high quality of life are popular. Security of citizens in all senses of the word is also a very important criterion. In general, any government is interested to provide their new subjects with everything needed for a dignified life. Our company will help to simplify the process of repatriation to the maximum and to provide you with a long-awaited opportunity to start a better life as soon as possible. As professionals in this field, we guarantee you not only help in finding your ethnic roots, but competent legal support of the process as well.

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