img4Residing in Europe has been and remains a dream for many people. Broad opportunities for work, study and communication; new experiences and a qualitatively different level of culture – all this can not but attract. But, of course, it is impossible to simply come to any country of the world, and even more so if it is one of the European countries.

Many are scared away specifically by the process of a residence permit drawing-up, which seems difficult and confusing, threatens with a loss of time and, most of all, money. But in the meantime, there are several ways to obtain a residence permit without many protractions, bypassing all the factors that could delay the process.

Among these methods we should allocate some that are associated with private investment, i.e. embedding relatively large sums of money.


Acquisition of private property on the territory of many countries of the EU, according to the legislation of these countries, entitles either to residence permit for a long-term period (usually a year) obtaining. After that, a residence permit can be extended if desired, as well as steps to citizenship obtaining can be taken.

But most importantly – simplified procedure for residence permits obtaining in the very beginning. It is necessary, of course, to take into account the requirements that apply to a person acquiring property, and some nuances are as follows:

  • In most cases the value of the property must not be below a certain amount. Sometimes the amount varies due to the territorial factor, that is, in the capital, for example, you will need to purchase more expensive property than in the provinces.
  • The officials often “by default” take cadastral value of the property, which is significantly below the market value. It makes sense to address to independent specialists for evaluation.
  • In most cases, the right to a residence permit gives only the purchase made one-time, without loans and mortgage programs. Special aspects of this point are different in each country.

Not always and not everywhere a residence permit obtained through property acquisition entitles to employment, education and business activities. This issue needs to be clarified separately.


In many cases, the country economy may need additional financial injections. And one of the most important sources is major investments from those who want to obtain a residence permit under accelerated and / or simplified duty. Investment size is different each time, but you should expect amounts from several hundred Euros to several million Euros.

This method is characterized by the following features:

  • Investment should be done at strictly defined grounds – that is not into in any appropriate bank or fund, but only on the conditions of the investment project.
  • The country acts as a guarantor. In return for investing in the country’s economy the investor receives simplified conditions for residence permit obtaining.
  • Often this particular way does not imply strict necessity to reside in the country after obtaining a residence permit.

In many EU countries there are programs for accelerated citizenship obtaining through investment activities as well. Needless to say, the conditions are more stringent, and the amount is more impressive than when obtaining a residence permit.


Often to help the country economy and in return to receive acceleration in residence permit obtaining can be done through your own business as well. As a rule, you need to take into account the following requirements:

  • It is necessary that the status of the applicant meet certain conditions.
  • Not all business sectors can become a basis for obtaining a residence permit. Typically, the choice is limited geographically or economically.
  • When establishing a new company, branch or representative office you will need to invest a certain amount prescribed and to create a certain number of work places.

This way is not just getting rid of the problems in obtaining a residence permit, but also a promising “window to Europe” associated with business, that is a chance to find new connections and to increase income.

Regardless which method of private investment you choose, it makes sense to turn to independent experts who will explain the legal nuances in the case of each country of the EU to you, will help you to avoid the language barrier, not to become a victim of fraud or bureaucracy. Such specialists work for us, so if you want to obtain a residence permit in Europe, please contact us and we will certainly help you!

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