img4Opening and running your own business in the EU countries is a cherished dream of many entrepreneurs. The benefits are obvious – the circle of business contacts expands significantly, the need for tedious procedures of border passage and customs formalities disappears, the safety of business projects increases. In addition, entrepreneurial activity in the EU is a great opportunity to acquire a legal residence permit, and in the future – to obtain a citizenship of the selected European country as well. That is why such a scheme is called business immigration.

Most countries of the European Union welcome the investment in their economy, development of business activity in their territory. However, from a legislative perspective the approach to applicants for a residence permit may be substantially different.

Western European countries mainly have rather strict requirements. For example, in Germany there is a minimum initial investment in the business – 250,000 Euro. In addition, the entrepreneur must replenish the local labor market for at least five working places. But even in this case, you may expect to receive a residence permit only after a year and a half – two years.

France also makes a number of important requirements for business immigrants. In this country, the qualifications of the applicant with the proposed field of activity will be mandatorily considered, the appropriateness of establishing a business and its prospects will be assess, the rules of regular assessment of business activity are in effect.

From the standpoint of ease of drawing-up and not the highest standards at the start of entrepreneurial projects, it is better pay attention to the countries of Eastern and Southern Europe, and the islands of Cyprus and Malta. Here the legislation is more liberal, starting a business does not require excessive investment. At the end of the said term there are all legitimate reasons to apply for residence permit.

For example, in Italy there are no rigid requirements neither to the turnover of the created company, nor to the number of new working places. In some areas of activity it is sufficient to register a branch of the already existing company in the territory of the country. Similar conditions for obtaining a residence permit for business motivation has Greece.

Currently, more and more entrepreneurs are turning their attention to Bulgaria. No need for a large amount of start-up capital, the possibility of doing business through the opening of a branch of the Russian company, low prices for housing purchase or long-term rental, ethnic proximity of the local population, and in the future – for citizenship obtaining without renouncing the citizenship of your country.

There are many interesting options for residence permit obtaining through opening or purchase of ready-made business in the Czech Republic, Poland, the Baltic States. In the law of each country there are lots of unique nuances, which often are not always clear to first-time entrepreneurs. To avoid errors, do not swallow the bait of scammers, it is better to entrust support of business immigration cases to specialists. Our company guarantees that it will carefully consider any, even the most ambitious project of the client, it will evaluate all the risks, advise on the feasibility and practicality of its implementation, will develop step by step scheme for further actions, which as a result will certainly lead to success.

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