img4 A lot of people dream to reside in Europe. And those who do not dream to reside there permanently, for sure will not refuse to work in the EU countries. After all, this is a qualitatively different level of cooperation, demand and payment. This is a significant breakthrough for anyone, regardless of his scope of work and position held.

However, to stay on the territory of a European country for more or less long term, you need to obtain a residence permit. In some countries, the procedures related to residence permits are long and tedious. In others, they are easier and faster. There are countries where you can quickly obtain a residence permit in connection with your work and professional activities. You should act as follows:

  • If there is a choice, it is better to choose the country where there are the most simple and profitable programs for accelerated residence permit obtaining.
  • Your intention to obtain a residence permit must be coordinated with the immigration service of the European country, you should provide the documents to confirm the professional and career status requested by the employees.
  • A residence permit obtaining will greatly facilitate both the very presence in the territory of the country, and the very professional activities as well. In addition, this is the first step to obtaining a citizenship if it is expected in the longer term.

But we should not forget that any expert in any field can become a victim of circumstances and unspecified issues, especially when it comes to obtaining a residence permit in another country. Therefore it is necessary to clarify some details:

  • It is necessary that a professional and job title of the applicant were consistent with legal requirements of the country selected.
  • You need to collect a complete list of the documents for accelerated residence permit obtaining.
  • It is also necessary to clarify what requirements will be applied to the applicant after residence permit obtaining. This will allow avoiding difficulties and problems.

Not to encounter inaccuracies of business transfer, not to become a victim of fraud, not to miss the opportunity to obtain a residence permit more beneficially and faster than other categories of citizens – please contact us. We provide professional legal support on all issues related to obtaining a residence permit for employment in the EU. Together with us, the start of a new career working in Europe will be much easier, faster and more profitable for you!

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