residence in
Through investment in
government bonds
Official Government
Hungary is both a member of the European Union and a country
within the Schengen Area. For the past few years the Hungarian
economy has been showing a steady amount of growth, which
along with political stability, has gradually begun to put the
country on a par with the leading European states.
Hungary has made the transition from raw material manufacturer
and supplier of cheap labour, to a country of highly developed
industrial production and transport links, making it one of the
logistical centres of all Europe.
In early 2013 the Hungarian government introduced the program
of permanent residence in Hungary through investment in
government bonds for nationals of countries outside the EU. This
program offers investors more than just a guaranteed right to
permanent resident status in Europe (which gives significant
advantages both for the investor and for the members of his
family). There are new opportunities for business, and financial
and tax optimisation, due to tax incentives for those who have
become resident in Hungary through this government program.
More than 5000
investors have
already taken
advantage of this
The program has
attracted more
than 1 billion Euros
of investment
Became one of seven government appointed companies in 2013
No additional fees or charges
Service and support both before and after receiving residency
Assistance regarding immigration, tax, and financial consulting
More than 20 years of experience in the field of immigration
services and tax planning
Program of receiving permanent residence in Hungary
through investment in government bonds
As presented by Discus Holdings
Freedom to live in and move around
the Schengen Area countries for you
and your family
Tax benefits. Both maintaining the
confidentiality and the optimisation of
assets at the income tax rate of 0%
A new level of stability, social
comfort, and security
What does
the program of
receiving permanent
residence in Hungary
Experience a new level of freedom of residence and movement!
Permanent residence
in Hungary means freedom
to live in and move around the
Schengen Area countries
Hungary is part of the EU and is a member of the Schengen Agreement. According to the European Union's Council
Directive 2003/109, third country nationals who have the status of permanent resident in one of the EU member
countries have the same rights as EU citizens, apart from the right to vote. This means that a permanent resident of
Hungary and his family will have the right to move freely within the Schengen Area, as well as the right to live and do
business in any of the 26 Schengen countries.
With the introduction of a uniform standard for the exchange of tax information (CRS), which was designed to create
a system for automatically sharing information about the owners of accounts and the “de-offshorisation” of assets,
more and more people are thinking about choosing a tax residence and maintaining privacy from CRS (with regards
to their first country).
Hungary offers opportunities for permanent residents to become a tax resident without living in Hungary. There are
no taxes on income earned outside of Hungary, there is no tax on dividends and inheritance, and the corporation tax
is 10-19%.
Becoming a tax resident in Hungary can seriously save on tax in the first country of citizenship.
And by using the services of Hungarian trusts, not only can you legally maintain the confidentiality of your assets, but
you can also declare them at the rate of 0% *
* For more detailed information on financial and tax planning, you can contact
our experts. Every Discus Holdings client has the right to 10 hours of advice
regarding financial/tax planning at a reduced rate.
Tax benefits for
permanent residents in Hungary
First and foremost is ensuring personal and financial security (such as access
to the best medical care, and free education for children in public preschool institutions,
schools, and higher education institutions all over Europe).
This is an opportunity to ensure a comfortable stay for parents and future freedom for themselves and
their families.
A permanent resident in Hungary has the right to conduct business, and could receive tax incentives
and financial support not just in Hungary, but for the entire EU. There is also the possibility of attracting
public funding for a number of activities.
It is really a new level of stability, social comfort, and security.
and political stability:
a new level of personal
comfort and security
The full range of government guarantees and social
securities are extended to permanent residents in Hungary,
who obtained their status through investments in
government bonds.
Additional benefits of the permanent
residence in Hungary program
Key benefits of the program
Obtaining permanent residency in Hungary through
investments in government bonds
The fastest programme in Europe
for receiving permanent residency
Full refund of the investment
Program for the whole family
Registration of a 5-year residency
permit in just 8 working days, and
permanent residency for life in just 9
The state guarantees the return
of the investment in 5 years, and
it is possible to get an additional
The application can include the spouse,
children who are minors, and parents of
pensionable age under the programme
of family reunification (if they fit certain
Low cost relative to other countries programes
No requirement for owning real estate/other property
No requirement to be present in the country
No requirement to do business and create jobs
The application procedure for obtaining residence can be
done in the investor’s current place of residence
Resident cards are delivered by special courier, to a
location specified by the investors
Possible to pay for investment and administrative costs
through a legal entity, or on behalf of a third party
At the time of the application, investment funds and
funds for the payment of the administrative expenses
may be placed in escrow
Third party financing may be available, with a one-off
interest payment for the funding
60 000 ˆ
Administrative fee
Abiding by these conditions ensures that you and your family
obtain permanent residence in Hungary in just 9 months.
300 000 ˆ
Investment in government bonds of
special purpose for a period of no less
than 5 years
Conditions for obtaining permanent
residence in Hungary through investment in
government bonds
The conditions of participation in the program for receiving permanent resident status in
Hungary through indirect investment into Hungarian government bonds are regulated by Law II
of 2007., and are supervised by the Government Debt Management Agency (Akk Zrt).
Finalise the contract
with Discus Holdings
Make the investment and
paying the administrative fee
(through escrow if desired)
Apply for residency in
Hungary through the
Office for Immigration
and Nationality.
Applications must be
done in person due
to the requirement of
biometric data
A decision will be
undertaken within
8 working days
In the case of a successful application, registration of
the 5-year residency permit will occur within one day
File for permanent
residence in
Hungary 6 months
after your residence
permit was granted
All applicants will be
granted permanent
residence in
Hungary within
90 to 120 days of
the application
5 years later, apply for a
refund of the investment,
and the whole amount will
be returned
To begin an application for the program of permanent residence in Hungary
through investment, just contact Discus Holdings.
The process
of obtaining
permanent residence
in Hungary
Why Discus Holdings?
Discus Holdings is a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience providing services, such
as planning residency and second citizenships, financial planning, and tax consulting. The founders of the
company are lawyers in the international arena. Over the years, it has gained both the trust of customers and
a good reputation, and also raised the quality of service to the highest level.
Years of experience
It's not just our clients who are confident in us; the government of several countries also are. In 2013 Discus
Holdings was appointed by the Hungarian government as one of six concessionaires for the Hungarian program
of permanent residence through investment in government bonds, with the exclusive concession rights for this
program in 10 countries.
A trusted company
For granting personalised service of the highest level, our team comprises of multilingual professionals who are
familiar not only with the intricacies of the mentalities of various nationalities, but also with the demands and
expectations of clients from around the world. One of the basic principles of Discus Holdings is the provision of
services with full customer support at all stages of the partnership; from the moment an the application of
interest is received, right up until the desired final result of permanent residency or citizenship is obtained.
Personalised approach
Discus Holdings – highly professional, with a positive reputation
and high quality service.
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