Nowadays a lot of businessmen prefer to register enterprises in Bulgaria. And this makes sense, since the presence of business in this country has many advantages, the main one – the possibility to be engaged in entrepreneurial activity throughout the European Union. But to complete the registration process of the company quickly and without financial loss, you need to know everything about taxes and legal conflicts of Bulgarian legislation. You can study the matter yourself as well as you can contact the professionals.


Discussion about the advantages of doing business in Bulgaria should be started with the fact that the entrepreneur, registering a company, retains absolute control over the authorized capital and the tax that he would have to pay, amounts to only 10% of the profits (the lowest in Europe!). In addition, after opening of businesses in the territory of the country, the foreigner will be able to:

  • purchase land and real estate;
  • purchase any goods by installment;
  • take vehicles on lease;
  • obtain a residence permit, permanent residence, and eventually the citizenship.

Of course, Bulgaria seeks to attract foreign capital, creating the most loyal business conditions for non-resident entrepreneurs. At the same time the authorities in return require very little: you should pay taxes in timely manner and employ ten local residents (citizens of Bulgaria). For employees you will have to pay fees into social security and pension funds. But after these conditions fulfilling, a businessman receives a permit to stay in Bulgaria (residence permit), which is valid for one year, and then is extended.


In Bulgaria, foreigners can register:

  • sole proprietorship (authorized capital is not needed for this);
  • general partnership (the amount of authorized capital is insignificant, and there must be at least two founders) – such business is registered, as a rule, by close relatives, as it assumes joint and several liability;
  • limited partnership (the amount of authorized capital is insignificant, and the founders (two of them) shall be liable in the amount of their share in the capital);
  • joint-stock company (authorized capital at least 50 000 leva);
  • limited liability partnership (authorized capital at least 50 000 leva and mandatory issue of shares);
  • limited liability company (authorized capital in the amount of 2 leva).

At the same time all enterprises registered in Bulgaria (except for sole proprietorship) are legal entities. As for the most popular form of ownership it is limited liability company. Why? It’s simple: the minimum capital tax – 10% of the profits and simplified registration.


You plan to reside and work in the EU in the future and therefore you want to open an enterprise in Bulgaria? We will provide you with professional assistance in registering a business in this country. You do not have to learn the tax laws of Bulgaria, to delve into the legal technicalities and pay fines for late registration and the papers submitted for registration. Instead you we will take upon ourselves:

  • preparation of all documents necessary for registration ;
  • company name booking, it’s check in the commercial register and stamps order;
  • opening of a settlement account and an account in the commercial register for the authorized capital depositing;
  • necessary licenses obtaining (if the registered company will operate in the area where the Bulgarian legislation provides for licensing);
  • payment of state fees and filing of documents to the commercial register .

Contact us in any way convenient for you and our employees will help you to register an enterprise in Bulgaria quickly and easily!

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