You are headed for the EU and need a secure and experienced guide? Our company is ready to provide legal support in all aspects of European immigration.

Our services are not just a one-time or non-binding consultation. We provide comprehensive support for the clients at all stages: starting from evaluation of legal and economic preconditions of immigration to one or the other EU country to firms registration and activities licensing.

 Мы обеспечиваем комплексное сопровождение клиентов на всех этапахOutreaching to qualified lawyers in all European countries, we are not afraid to take the unconditional responsibility for the final result. We act only in the legal field: we monitor changes in the legal framework, use peculiarities in immigration climate of different countries, skillfully maneuver within the law and various immigration programs.

Experience, high qualification and attention to the client allow extremely meticulous approach to his individual requirements, identifying potential risks, developing own strategy of immigration and helping accomplish it extremely fast.

Help of our experts significantly increases your chances of a competent immigration and ensures that in the future you will not encounter problems with staying and doing business in the territory of another country.

  • Office in Monaco
Block C/D Le Panorama
57 rue Grimaldi
98000 MC
Tel.: +33 1 82 88 38 98
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